Lingerie Brands

About Our Pieces

 At Bits of Lace we carry a wide range of lingerie from both European brands as well as domestic. We pride ourselves on finding quality pieces that are unique and luxurious for the most fabulous wearing experience. 

*We currently only retail a portion of our lingerie selection on our website as we only receive a few pieces of each item- check out our Instagram feed for our newest stock or reach out to us directly to see our current selection!*



I.D. Sarrieri is a premium luxury lingerie brand established internationally in the early 2000s. Founded by Romanian-born, Paris-based Iulia Dobrin, I.D. Sarrieri focuses on couture-like lingerie pieces and luxurious essentials. Designed for a powerful, sexy and refined woman, with a penchant for high quality, sophisticated lingerie. 

At I.D Sarrieri their motto is savoir-faire. The experience of savoir-faire is a sensuous journey through the richness of experience, the beauty of craftsmanship, the luxurious fabrics and the passion for detail and design. Using only the finest Haute Couture materials such as silk satin, silk mousseline, Chantilly lace, exclusive Swarovski elements. There is not much question as to why this is one of our favorite luxury lingerie brands. 






Aubade Paris is a French lingerie and swimwear brand that specializes in corsetry and has created sensual lingerie since 1958. A French symbol of elegance and refinement, Aubade has always looked for new technical innovations, discoveries, daring and metamorphosis. It was the first brand to look at lingerie as a product for one’s pleasure and that of others, the secret and refined accomplice of eternal femininity. 

For each design, Aubade's standards are so high in terms of cut, comfort and fit that it takes two years of meticulous work to arrive at a piece that perfectly suits women's body shapes. This couture styling also shines through in their choice of premium materials such as Calais Leavers lace, Swiss embroidery etc., the way they enhance their pieces with refined finishes (trims, jewels, lacing etc.) and the perfect fit calculated right down to the millimeter. It takes a minimum of 24 pieces to create an Aubade bra, adding reinforcement panels and discreet darts to ensure comfort and well-being whatever its size.




A French lingerie brand born in the 1950s, Lise Charmel is undoubtedly the reference in luxury lingerie. With over a half a century of artistic creation in the lingerie world, they have built up a remarkable reputation for exceptional expertise and design. With its spirit of haute couture, has become a by-word for luxury French lingerie throughout the world. Materials like silk and calais lace meet brilliant, delicate, or basic colors to make every woman feel special.




Celestine is a delightfully sweet sleepwear line that blends German design with modern convenience. The brand was founded and designed by Cordula Huber-Harth, the Berlin-born designer who revolutionized lingerie in the early 80s when she began to create nightwear pieces that captured nostalgia of years past with the elegance of today’s simple looks.

Celestine strives to capture the glamour of a beautiful gown with the simple and gentle feel you would expect from comfortable loungewear. The timeless elements of embroidery and lace are a staple in the design and help craft the magic elegance that is seldom rivaled. The lace embroidery is unique to each individual piece and never replicated. The simplicity of 100 % cotton nightgowns that delicately drape over a woman’s silhouette make the Celestine lingerie line one of the most sought-after brands across the globe.




With over 40 years in business, Christine Vancouver is a well known Canadian designer with a devoted celebrity following and featured in high-end boutiques. Her elegant, refined lingerie is defined by exquisite lace, floral patterns and butter-soft silks. Whether you are looking to treat yourself or that extra special someone in your life, Christine’s fine silk lingerie is sure to make you feel and look beautiful.




Fleur du Mal is a luxury lingerie, ready-to-wear, and swim brand founded by Jennifer Zuccarini in 2012. Its name, derived from the title of a collection of poems by Charles Baudelaire, speaks to the unique duality of its spirit.

Fleur du Mal takes a fashion approach to lingerie, and applies a lingerie language to fashion. Its products are delicate and sophisticated, using luxury fabrics like French Leavers lace and bespoke embroideries crafted by world-class artisans. But they’re not super serious, or over-complicated. They can be cheeky, too, featuring whimsical prints and provocative silhouettes; the true embodiment of a “naughty flower.” Over the years, Fleur du Mal has been worn by celebrities like Rihanna, Gigi and Bella Hadid, Margot Robbie, and more. Its pieces are timeless, and designed to last, but clients keep coming back because the brand grows with them.




Helena Stuart founded Only Hearts in 1978, creating fashion’s first "Inner Outerwear” collection and revolutionizing undergarment dressing to come out and be seen. Today Helena, working with daughter Kaya, offers a range of sustainably made lifestyle lingerie from sexy sweet undies and bralettes, to sleepwear, lounge, and wear-anywhere wardrobe staples.

Sensuous, natural and just a little bit naughty, Only Hearts is ethically manufactured in New York City using local, deadstock, organic, recycled, and certified made in green textiles, keeping their footprint gentle and light. Their pieces are worn by Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Charlize Theron, and Scarlett Johansson, to name a few.




Maison Close is a relatively young French company that has quickly made its mark by reinventing old favorites and paying tribute to classics. Their selection of hosiery is tailored towards empowering its wearers.

With a few hushed strokes, Maison Close discerns the most confidential thoughts, cultivating its distinctive way of stirring the sensorial through art and material. The art of creating new lines from a simple blank page, the art of building a desirable brand on what garments render most captivating. Material that, in turns, subdues, accentuates, conceals or reveals. Material that espouses a state of mind, even before the body becomes smitten.